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(228) 217-6588 Handmade Soap, Bath Products, Candles and More

Luxurious handmade Soap, Bath Products, Candles and More

Luxurious handmade Soap, Bath Products, Candles and More

Luxurious handmade Soap, Bath Products, Candles and MoreLuxurious handmade Soap, Bath Products, Candles and More

About Us

About Us

Enchanted BathScapes

Bath, Body & Candle

Our Mission Statement 

Our Mission  is to provide professional handmade products using the finest and sustainable products available. We strive to create a product that turns bath time into a luxurious soothing experience. We bring to you these handmade products made in small batches to assure you receive the quality and love we put into our products, packaging and customer service. 

About Our Products

We use the finest and purest oils and butters available. Our palm oil comes from a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), an organization that supports sustainable palm oil production. That means we value the environment and wildlife in order to grow and harvest these ingredients.  These oils and butters are extremely skin loving. We do not use fillers or unnecessary additives to create a larger product. 

By law we do not make any health claims to our products but we encourage each customer to research our ingredients for the benefits. 

We make all our products by hand in small batches using the cold process method to retain the beneficial properties of the ingredients.  All of our recipes are carefully formulated using scientific methods and precise measurements with each ingredient working in harmony to provide a skin safe and luxurious product. We cure our soaps for a full 4-6 weeks to ensure that every bar is long lasting. We personally test every batch of every product. 

Care of Our Products



Please follow these instructions to avoid soot from the wick becoming too long, damage to furniture, spilling wax, causing a fire or decreasing the life of the candle 

• For best results burn for 3 hours on the first burn and don’t burn longer than 3 hours at a time thereafter. Extinguish the candle and let harden then relight after making sure the wick is cut to 1/4 inch 

If soot is seen rising from your flame cut it a bit shorter sometimes to 1/8 inch  (carefully not too short)  until soot stops 

• Trim the wick to approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch each time you light your candle

• After extinguishing the pillar candle and while it is still warm to the touch, 

gently hug the sides to reshape the candle to it’s original shape

• Always place pillar candles on an appropriate candle holder before lighting

• Always burn your candle on a stable heat resistant surface

• Do not move candle while burning or if wax is hot

• Never place candles directly on furniture surfaces

---- WARNING ----

• NEVER leave a burning candle unattended

• Keep away from drafts and flammable items

• Keep out of reach of children and pets


Handmade soap is different from commercial soap that has chemical fillers to harden.  Our recipe is full of natural oils and butters and while they are hard bars they require special care to ensure a longer lasting experience 

After use rinse and keep the bar in a dry area, preferably in a soap dish that has drainage

Soap is naturally slippery so use care to avoid injury 

Body Butter:

Use before, after, or during your bath!

Use a clean utensil rather than your fingers to scoop out this butter to avoid introducing germs. 

Keep lid tightly in place when not in use

Butters will melt in heat so keep in a cool place. If your Body Butter does melt it does bot harm the quality and can still be used or just place in a cool area and it will harden again 

Oils are naturally slippery so use caution to avoid falls or other injury. 

Returns & Exchanges

Because of the nature of these products We  do not accept returns or exchanges, unless it is delivered defective or damaged. Please contact us if you have any problems with your order we strive for your complete satisfaction.

We offer samples for you to try before making a larger order. We encourage you to purchase smaller sizes and to use on a small area of skin such as your arm. If redness, inflammation or other adverse reaction occurs discontinue use and seek medical attention if needed. We do not refund for allergies as it is not a defect in our product.

Privacy Policy

Enchanted BathScapes will only use your shipping, billing & contact information to communicate with you about your order or to fulfill your order. We do not sell or trade your information to anyone. 


Please contact Us with any questions regarding prices & product availability.


Currently, We only ship orders within the United States. 

Why Handmade

Handmade soap is pure soap, in its true pure form. It cleanses and moisturizes naturally without stripping away your skin’s natural healthy oils.

To be fair, some of the ingredients of commercial soaps are in handmade soaps, too, and they are natural ingredients. With handmade soap it’s more of what is NOT in our products.  Commercial soap uses chemical fillers to make a larger bar. Our soap is filled with only ingredients that are necessary. Fillers are not necessary.

Handmade soap is more expensive – Typically selling in a range from $4 to $9 per bar, handmade soap is far more expensive than most store-bought soaps. It’s worth it, though. Read on.

Handmade soap contains all its natural glycerin – In the soapmaking process glycerol (glycerin) is liberated from the triglycerides, which are then converted to sodium salts. Chemically speaking, soap itself is a “salt”. Glycerin is FANTASTIC for your skin, but it is far more commercially valuable than the soap itself. So, commercial soap companies extract the glycerin and sell it separately, replacing it with cheaper chemicals. Independent soapmakers leave in the natural glycerin to hydrate and soften skin.

Handmade soap can be custom formulated – We can make soap in very small batches, so we can easily custom formulate. contact us if you want custom oils or butters.  We can usually fill your custom request.

Handmade soap preserves the natural oils – The coconut oil, shea butter, and other natural skin-nourishing oils we use actually stay in handmade soap to protect and heal your skin naturally.

Handmade soap comes in many varieties – Enchanted  BathScapes offers varieties of soap several formulas for different purposes. Buying from an independent soapmaker, you can select exactly the soap you want for your specific needs and preferences.

Handmade soap is local – Buy local! Yay!

Why are we different than other soap makers

We provide quality handmade products.

We care about our customers

Our recipes vary so there is something for everyone including fancy, all natural, vegan etc. 

We can customize a recipe especially for you!

We are a member of Greener Life Club that assures environmentally friendly products. 

We are licensed and insured